FENDER STRATOCASTER "slab-board", 1959

A super-clean and gorgeous slab-board Stratocaster, in 100% original conditions, with all the most desirable features of the model. 

 Light, deeply contoured alder body dated December '59, with a beautifully unfaded three-tone sunburst finish. Three-ply nitrate "green-guard" with no breaks, no warping, no shrinkage. Lightly figured maple neck with a great "slab" brazilian rosewood fingerboard and clay-dots, with original frets and nut. Like almost all '59 necks, this one has no date. The headstock has a clean Spaghetti Logo and the original Kluson Deluxe "single-line" tuners. The original hardware includes the bridge complete with "pat. pend." saddles, vibrato arm and cover, knobs and plastic parts, jack-plate, etc.

The original electric circuitry includes three powerful and perfectly balanced "black-bottom" pickups, the CRL selector switch, three pots all dated 48th week of '59, paper cap, Switchcraft jack-socket etc. After removig the pickguard, we can clearly see the three "nail-holes" used for the painting/drying process (one next to the bridge, one between the neck and the pickup, one under the jack plate). The date is hand-written into the spring-cavity, which has the squared-off corner sometimes seen on '59s - this was done in that particular batch to help the intertia-block to move more freely without touching the cavity walls.

 This guitar is in really exceptionally fine conditions: a few traces of belt-buckle wear on the back, some pick-wear next to the treble-side cutaway, some body-edge wear, a cigarette burn on the headstock and a few marks on the maple neck - I can't tell if that's due to the use of some kind of capo. The last picture shows a small circular mark which I haven't been able to understand, since its position is not compatible with any type of modification (added screws, buttons ,etc), so it could be just a little knot or dent in the wood... but besides these details, the guitar is really perfect and in "near-mint" conditions - and you know we don't use this word too often! Very easy action, beautiful neck profile, fully working truss-rod.

The extremely accurate contour job and the light woods make this Strat feel just like a second skin; playing it is a joy, both for its playability and its powerful and aggressive - yet round and warm - sound. All the accessories come into the original brown-tolex hardshell case, which is as well-kept as the guitar, with all latches, hinges and handle in good working order. The key that I have found into the case may not belong to it, I have tried to insert it in the lock but it can't easily go too deep and I don't want to force it too much.

One of the most beautiful guitars that Real Vintage has ever offered!

This Stratocaster is NOT in our Milazzo shop, but if you want to see and try it, please email and I'll be glad to make an appointment.