One of the favorites of the bass players from all around the world, in the rare white version with black binding and pickguard, in exceptionally fine and 100% original condition. With the only exception of a newer screw at the E-string tuner, it is exactly in the same condition it was when it left Rickenbacker factory in May 1976. Both truss rods works fine, the action is great and the original frets are in very good shape. All the pots are dated 1975 and 1976 and the Rick-O-Sound circuitry with the double jack socket is absolutely original, including the capacitors and, of course, the pickups. 

Same as the hardware: bridge, saddles, tuners, knobs, everything is original. When you find an instrument in such condition, there's not really need to say much: just perfect. The traces of playing wear are minimal, the neck is straight with almost no wear. The bridge pickup-cover is missing.

If you are looking for the classic Rickenbacker sound, a mainstay in the musical palette of any rock bassist, here you have a really fine instrument. It comes with a beautiful skin-covered hardhell case.