FENDER STRATOCASTER 40th Anniversary, 1994

Not just another "celebrative" model in Stratocaster's long history, the 40th Anniversary is a fine guitar in its own right. With a production limited to 1954 examples, it's a nice reproduction of the original '54 model. Other later reissues may be even more accurate, but nonetheless this is a very light and great-sounding Strat, with a gorgeous two-tone sunburst finish over a deeply-contoured ash body and a rounded and comfortable maple neck. The limited serial number is printed on the back of the headstock, while the model's name and year are on the metal neck-plate.

This mint-condition and all-original guitar comes from its original owner, who bought it new in 1994 and has kept it with the greatest care ever since. It has been played only at home and still has in the nice poodle-style case its full set of papers (reproduction of Fender catalogs, inspection tags, etc.) and accessories (bridge and spring covers, trem arm, strap, cable, three-way selector swtch, etc.). A real must-have for the Stratocaster aficionado.

But even without considering its collectibility, it's an excellent guitar with a great feel, an engaging neck profile and a great sound. Twenty years of aging have enriched its beautiful and unfaded sunburst finish with a nice patina.

A great chance for any hard-core Stratocaster fan and Fender collector, who will find in this guitar an immaculate and complete example of a model which marked an important step in the history of the most loved and copied guitar in the world.