GIBSON ES-355 TDC Stereo-Varitone, 1961

A true classic american guitar from the early '60s, with Bigsby, PAFs and brown case. Compared to the earliest 355s, this guitar already has the shorter tortoise pickguard, the ABR-1 bridge with nylon saddles and retaining wire, and the "reflector" knobs. In all the other respects, it is exactly like the '58-'60 version: Bigsby B-7 vibrato, patent applied for Grover Rotomatic tuners, Patent Applied For pickups (one has no label),  'Mickey Mouse ears", etc. 

The maple body is moderately figured, with very beautiful grain on the back. The one-piece mahogany neck has a great profile and low action. The nut is original, but has a few additional grooves roughly added. The ebony fretboard with mother of pearl block inlays is in excellent shape. Multi-bound body, headstock and pickguard. The serial number is both stamped on the orange oval label and impressed on the back of the headstock, and places this guitar among the earliest 2000 produced with the new classification system introduced in '61.

An exceptional instrument, totally original and in perfect conditions. Very shiny cherry red finish, minimal traces of wear, some gold-plating wear on the metal hardware parts.

The vintage feel and charme are enhanced by the original brown hardshell case with pink plush lining, in excellent conditions, which adds a nice '50s touch to the package.