FENDER 62 Vintage Reissue STRATOCASTER, 1982
"Made in Fullerton"

The first generation of the American Vintage Reissue is one of the new frontiers of vintage guitars. The instruments built at the old Fender facility before the production was moved to Corona have always been highly appreciated by musicians for their sound, look and impeccable craftsmanship; however in recent years they have also become very sought-after collectible items. Their prices are steadily growing worldwide, and while the economic crisis has put many '50s and '60s vintage classics out of reach for the average guitar collector, these instruments provide a more affordable way to high-quality guitar collecting. A fine specimen such as the one pictured in this page, complete with all the original papers and accessories, is today very highly regarded by hard-core Fender fans. These are exceptionally beautiful and well-built guitars.... that play really great.

Built at the end of 1982 (the body has a December 9th ink-stamped date - one of he very few '82 dated bodies - and the neck is dated December 15th; pots are all dated '82), this Stratocaster is in exceptionally fine conditions. The "slab" fingerboard is smooth and the sound is pretty close to a vintage original. Look at the pictures... It's 100% original and complete with its bridge cover, tremolo arm, control tag and instruction manual (I've recently seen one sold on eBay for over 200$), spring-cavity cover. The case is one of the few early original reissue tolex cases (instead of tweed), easily identified by the duck-foot-shaped tab on the inside pocket

In my opinion, in today's market a very few other models boast a comparable investment potential; in the last few years its price was steadily going up while all the other prices were going down. A great choice for the musician-collector who actually loves to play his guitars, rather than hanging them on the wall!