One of the last pre-Baldwin Tennesseans. It is dated May 1967 and still has all the correct features of the guitar used by George Harrison with The Beatles: thinline hollowbody, fake F holes painted on the top, zero-fret, "neo-classic" rosewood fretboard with thumbprint inlays, circuitry with pickup selctor, tone selector, stand-by-switch, two volume controls plus one master volume, oval-button Grover Sta-Tites (Van Ghents were introduced in the second half of '67),  G-Arrow knobs (not the later model), etc. etc. Basically, the only difference between this guitar and Harrison's is the metal plate with model's name on the headstock. Pickups are  Hi-Lo Tron single-coils, bridge is the straight bar with smaller bar (a larger one was used on 6120s and 6122s),  V-Cutout "Gretsch by Bigsby" vibrato tailpiece, "neck dovel". Excellent conditions, gorgeous figured woods, a few belt-buckle marks on the back, some binding deterioration (nothing worth of note). Pickguard is solid but there is a superficial crack next to the screw. The headstock veneer is also cracked. Frets and zero-fret are original, with some wear, and everything else on this guitar is 100% original, down to the strap buttons. Original Gretsch thin hardshell case, really solid and beautiful. Clean, clean, clean '60s Gretsch!

6119a - 6119b - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - in case - bigsby - pickguard - pickup & bridge - switch - knobs - tuner - case