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Faded Ice-Tea sunburst, plain-top. Clean and original guitar, with the exception of the pickup-rings and the case.

A nice "Burst" from the most desirable year, 1959, the year of the legendary '59 neck profile. The original finish is in excellent condition, but the sunburst of the top has faded over the years to a beautiful Ice-Tea 'burst and shows moderate traces of wear; what at a first glance seems to be a plugged screw-hole under the tailpiece, actually is a just tiny nick in the finish (this detail is clearly shown in two close-up pictures below). There's some honest playing wear on the back, with a small area worn down to the wood where the guitar's back-edge touches the musician's body.

The pickups are the original Patent Applied For (PAFs). Both nickel covers were removed and re-soldered; the bridge unit cover can still be removed and reveals a "double-white" PAF. Unfortunately the cream-colored rings are not the original M-69s but later models. All the other plastic parts are original: the pickguard, the back covers, the jack-plate, the switch tip and ring, the gold "bell" control knobs. All the hardware is original: tune-o-matic ABR-1 with no retaining wire, nickel-plated aluminum "stop-bar" tailpiece, Kluson Deluxe single-line/single-ring tuners with original tulip buttons (one has shrunk a bit). Original circuitry includes Sprague "Bumble Bee" capacitors, pots and wiring.

The original "California Girl" went lost and the guitar comes with a non-original hardshell case.

A beautiful and clean example of a plain-top '59 "Burst" with a great look and sound.

This guitar is NOT in our Milazzo shop. However we'll be glad to answer questions from serious collectors.  No time-wasters on this one, please. A direct inspection of the guitar can be arranged on certain conditions after we feel that there is a real and serious interest in its purchase.

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