GIBSON ES-335 TDC, 1966

The beauty of the woods of this 335 is remarkable. The maple top is crossed by a wavy grain with a dark-and-light effect, enhanced by a gorgeous and unfaded cherry red finish in excellent conditions. The block-inlaid fretboard is made of beautifully figured brazilian rosewood and offers excellent playability. The neck is made of mahogany and shows normal playing wear. The crown inlay on the front of the headstock is still in the higher position, typical of Gibson's McCarty era. 

The chrome hardware is typical of the classic mid-'60s thinlines. The knobs are the old-style black "reflector top", the tune-o-matic bridge has metal saddles and the impressed patent number, the tailpiece is the classic trapeze. Both pickups are original and never rewound.  They both have the black patent-number label and have been reinstalled on the guitar after being replaced for some time by other units. 

The guitar is in excellent conditions and has 100% original parts. It has always been professionally used and it shows. The tuners had been replaced at some point, but the original "double line- double ring" Kluson Deluxes" have been reinstalled. Next to the fixing plate of each Kluson there is a barely visible little plugged-hole from the other tuner - professionally filled and touched-up, so clean that's almost undetectable. No modifications on the front of the headstock, where the only trace of the other set is the mark of a larger tuner bushing. All these details are clearly shown in the pictures. 

The finish shows some checking. The neck joint is very solid, the neck is straight and steady, shows normal playing wear and two hairline stress-lines behind the first two frets.  They don't affect at all the guitar's structural integrity, no cracks through the wood, both neck and heastock are very strong and withstand string tension with no problem. We have very carefully checked this detail in our workshop, so we can give you full reassurance about it.

The guitar plays and sounds extremely well, is very light and has a comfortable neck profile. Add to the package a breath-taking look and you'll understand why it has become one of the stars in our shop. 
It comes with its original hardshell case, black with yellow lining.