A true "workhorse" of the '70s musician, the Deluxe has kept alive the Les Paul sound and look through the most difficult years of the US guitar industry, keeping quality standards high enough to be still considered a classic. Among all the Deluxes, the Gold Top version is the all-time favorite and we are pleased to have one in our collection.

Built in 1975, this guitar is a typical mid-70s Deluxe with a "sandwich" mahogany body and a maple top; the neck is made of three pieces of maple and has a rosewood fretboard. The guitar is all-original except for newer Gibson Deluxe tuners, which have replaced the original Gibson-by-Kluson units, after another set of Grover had been used with no visible sign or additional screw-holes. This is a very minor issue, since there is no visible trace of other tuners and the re-installation of a correct original set will bring back the guitar to its fully original condition. The neck has a very nice and comfortable profile, not too fat and not too narrow, I would describe it as a wide-flat neck reminding me of a 1960 shape.  

The gold finish is in more than excellent condition, without the greenish worn areas commonly seen on these instruments. Accordingly, the mahogany back is also beautiful and in great shape. Except for the above mentioned tuners, all the hardware is original: tune-o-matic Nashville bridge, stop-bar, "metal-cap" control knobs (one was broken and has been carefully repaired). The original circuitry includes the mini-humbucker pickups; as often found on '75 Deluxes, one has the old-style black label while the other one has the impressed patent number. The latter has also an ink-stamped date, october 31st 1975. Another 1975 date (september 9th) is stamped inside of the pots cavity and all the 4 original pots are dated 35th week of 1975.  

The back of the headstock has the impressed '2' which was given to the "factory second" guitars, usually for minor finish flaws that, as is the case with this guitar, today are undetectable. 

The guitar is really beautiful, in great condition and plays/sounds great, and comes with its nice and original black hardshell case.