KRAMER DMZ 3000, 1978

Among the early Kramer models produced after the end of the partenership between Gary Kramer and Travis Bean, the DMZ Custom line directly inherits Bean's innovative ideas. The aluminum neck is the most evident trace of Travis Bean projects. Two maple inserts, however, give to the neck a more familiar wood feel, while keeping metal's sustain and crushproof-ness. Even more flashy is the forked headstock, built in one piece with the neck, where the use of aluminum stands out also as an aesthetic choice. Aluminum is also used for the dots in the Ebonol-made fingerboard, another innovative solution for such an innovative guitar.

The DMZs offer several options of Di Marzio pickups. The "3000" you see here is equipped with three single-coil SDS units, wired in the typical scheme of a Strat, with pickguad-mounted 5-way selector switch and jack socket. The guitar's body is all made of maple and the instrument is not feather-weight, consistently with the trend of a time when the dubious equation weight/sustain was quite popular.  

The guitar plays effortlessly and sounds like a supercharged Stratocaster. It is 100% original and in excellent conditions except for a small crack in the pickguard between pickup and bridge. An interesting mix of tradition and innovation, built in the most difficult time for American guitar industry - when all the major makers built their all-time worst instruments. Early Kramers used to match quality and marketing strategy, in keeping with the musical trends and building good guitars that "picture an era" much better than other well-known names. 

This DMZ 3000 has no case, but comes with the original Kramer shipping box, labeled by Kramer's import agent for Italy, Meazzi. For the musician who wants to widen his sound options, and a wisw choice for the collector who is looking for the new frontiers of vintage guitar collecting.