Ain't she pretty? Another great '50s Stratocaster with all the early features, 100% original and with a killer sound. 

Figured ash body, two-tone sunburst finish, maple neck and bakelite parts. The body is dated March 1956, has a very deep contour which makes it light and comfortable. The original finish has lots of checking and wear on both sides, showing the beautiful figure in the wood. The neck, dated May '56, still has the "clubby" pre-V shape typical of '55; it has some wear and original nut and frets. 

The Spaghetti logo on the headstock is in great shape, and next to the original round string-retainer there is another hole, professionally plugged and touched-up, from some mysterious "thing" once screwed to the headstock; whatever it was, it's out of the strings line, in a position which makes meaningless another string-retainer, so I have no explaination for it. The original tuners are still stamped Pat. Appld. but, compared to the '55 "no-lines" they have again the single-line stamped Kluson Deluxe words.

All original hardware. The black-bottom pickups fixed to the single-ply pickguard have the original bakelite covers, two of which are broken from playing wear. Also the tone and volume knobs and the trem-arm and switch tips are made of bakelite. The original circuitry shows potentiometers date February '56, paper capacitor, intact solder-joints, three way CRL selector switch and Switchcraft jack-socket.

The fingerboard shows some wear, but the frets are still in decent condition with lots of room for bending and a nice and easy action. The sound is great, hot and well-balanced, with the right amount of grit you'll expect from a '50s maple-neck Strat. 

This exceptional guitar comes with its beautiful tweed hardshell case, strong and original, with all of its latches and hinges perfectly working.