GRETSCH WHITE FALCON "Mono", mod. 7594, 1977

Built in U.S.A. in the late '70s, this Falcon is a guitar in excellent condition, with outstanding looks and a great sound. The model number makes it a White Falcon Mono version.

The guitar features two non-original elements: the original "Gretsch by Bigsby" was replaced with a Bigsby B-12, which, like the vitamin bearing the same name, had a healthy impact on the guitar as it increases the neck angle over the bridge, resulting in higher volume, better definition and greater sustain. The screw-plate of this new Bigsby unfortunately does not cover the unprofessionally plugged screw holes of the older vibrato unit, as can be seen in the bottom strap button area. The second non-original element is the pickguard: the original featuring the flying falcon was lost, and it was replaced with a similar and age-correct Gretsch pickguard onto which a Gretsch raised logo, probably from yet another pickguard, was "surgically" inserted. After this logo was applied, the pickguard was sprayed in gold on its underside, with an aesthetically acceptable although not perfect result.

Having dutifully described the flaws, we can now describe the other elements. The finish has slightly yellowed over time but is in overall very good shape. A little surface crazing can be found along some wood-joint lines on the neck and on the back of the headstock, but nothing structural. The guitar is very solidly built and absolutely sound. The ebony fretboard featuring mother of pearl inlays is in good shape, the frets (which must have been replaced at some point) show some wear but allow for easy playing and an excellent action. The neck is straight and has no issues.

Apart from the Bigsby, the rest of the hardware is all original. The bridge is a gold Adjustomatic with an ebony base (fastened to the body), the original tuners are Grover Roto-Matic with kidney bean buttons. Strap buttons, gold-tip switches, individual and master volume knobs are all original. Apart from the pots, the 7594 Mono circuit also includes two switches: one for the pickups and one for the tone. Neck adjustment is made through the Burns Gear-Box, which is accessed by removing the plastic gold cover on the back of the body, near the heel. The F-holes are multiple-bound and an even more elaborate binding featuring several alternate black-white and gold layers is found along all the body and neck edges. The back has the protecting back-pad, which in the '60s was used to conceal an access to the electronics, later to be left only for aesthetical reasons.

The pickups, definitely original, are of a type never seen before: the HiLo Tron-type metal covers also used on FilterTrons for a while are installed on two highly unusual units, which feature typical FilterTron adjusting screws on one half and a typical SuperTron "blade" on the other half. Many Gretsch super-experts we consulted on the matter (including the author of a fantastic book soon to be published and the producer of one of the most highly praised FilterTron-inspired pickup) all agreed that these pickups are either an experiment or a custom-order, confirming both their originality and uniqueness. And they sound fantastic!

The guitar comes with its original U.S.A. case, which sports the "Brooklyn-Chicago" metal plaque and is in great condition apart from the broken handle. Due to the two non-original parts, we are able to offer this wonderful vintage guitar at an exceptional price, lower than that of a reissue!