This guitar in back in our collection, after leaving in 2003. We have 53 new pictures online, but the old ones can still be seen HERE.

Another wonderful Pre-CBS Strat, with an incredible flamed maple neck with brazilian rosewood board and clay dots. Perfect Spaghetti logo, small headstock with a very beautiful figured wood,  Kluson Deluxe "double line" tuners, "L" serial number. 

Neck date is September 1964, pots date is 28th week of '64. This guitar, besides its striking beauty and great sound, has some transitional peculiarities: its three pickups are all dated Oct 15th '64, but one is an old-style black-bottom with yellow stamped date, the middle one is an early grey-bottom with the same yellow stamp (and that's the first time I see a grey-bottom pickup with the yellow stamped date), and the third one is a grey-bottom with the same date, but penciled instead... a perfect transition from black-bottom to grey. 

Another almost-transitional feature is the pickguard, one of the earliest white guards introduced in late '64,  instead of the green one more commonly associated with Spaghetti Logo and clay dots. This white plastic guard is surely original and a bit warped but still in good shape, with the usual crack next to the neck pickup screws. All the other plastic parts are also original and in good shape. Gorgeous sunburst finish in excellent condition, just some belt-buckle wear and fading of the red beneath the right arm, and a few scratches and dings on the body edges (all shown in pictures), but I'd conservatively rate this guitar's condition as an Excellent plus.

All the hardware is original, with some rust on the bridge saddles. The Klusons are in excellent working order and look great, no hidden flaws or holes whatsoever. Probably the guitar has been refretted and the nut has been replaced. The three-way switch currently installed is new (but with the old original tip), but the original one is in the case, it's broken and I don't know if it can be fixed - but I think it's not impossible. Everything else is 100% original, including pots, screws, knobs, tremolo arm, bridge and saddles, spring-cover on the back. 

The body is made of light alder, deeply contoured. The flamed neck makes this old Strat really special. Not only it looks great, but it also has easy action and playability and a very comfortable profile. All the pickups work great and the guitar has the sound that gives pre-CBS Strats their legendary status.

Original Fender case in black tolex, correct for the year but probably made for a Jazzmaster (it's slightly larger and with a square-sized pocket).
























2003 pictures