FENDER TELECASTER "52 Vintage Reissue"- FULLERTON, 1982

The "Fullerton" collectors and players will love this one: a very clean and all-original example of an early '82 Fullerton-Tele, complete with ALL the accessories and papers, just like the day the guitar first left the shop in Turin, Italy, where it was originally sold over thirty years ago.

The figured-ash body is finished in the classic "butterscotch" color, which shows only minimal traces of wear, mostly on the back. The neck is made of solid maple and has original frets and nut with almost no wear. Not too heavy, great sound and easy action. 

The guitar comes from the earliest Fullerton era: it has a very low serial number, neck is dated 1982 but month is not clearly readable, pots are dated 31st week of 1981 and the Certificate of Authenticity signed by former Fender's CEO William C. Schultz reports April 14th 1982 as official production date.

Everything is 100% original: even the electric circuitry is still factory-wired in the old '50s style, but in the original tweed hardsell case case you'll find the mod-kit with both the potentiometer and the capacitor for the conversion to a more familiar '60s scheme. Among the other papers and case candys, you'll find also the optional 6-saddle bridge offered as a replacement for the old-style 3-saddle unit, the warranty card, the case keys and the hex-keys for the guitar's adjustments... and even the original jack cable!

It's really rare to find such guitars complete with all this stuff. A great find, an affordable Tele for the real musician and discerning collector, a solid investment and a terrific player.