We have been searching for a long time for a Les Paul like this.  The Standard version of the Heritage 80 was the earliest "conscious" attempt by Gibson to recreate a Les Paul whith all the classic '50's features. Like we all know, many of the recent reissues are really much more accurate replicas of the original "bursts". However, the Heritage 80 Standard - much more than the Elite and Award version - is considered today as one of the best Les Pauls ever built by Gibson, for look, feel, sound.
The wood choice, the re-shaped headstock, the neck profile and most of all the legendary humbuckers created by Tim Shaw as real PAF reissues, all these features make of this model an exceptional guitar. It is a different and great choice for both the musician and the collector who knows how to look further, much better than all the expensive aged reissues, which - in our opinion - will just never become "collectibles", like all the objects originally conceived as such. Collectibility is given by history and substance: the Les Paul Heritage 80 Standard has both.
The exceptional flamed top of this guitar made us fall in love. Everything is 100% original and in near mint conditions. Other than a small crack in the pickguard next to the screw and a few dings on the back and rim (all shown in the pictures) the guitar is perfect. One piece mahogany body, two piece bookmatched flamed maple top with beautiful grain, three piece mahogany neck (was one piece in the old '58-60s) with small headstock, unlike the Deluxes of the same time. Other detail: the binding width is thin also in the cutaway area, unlike other 70-80s Les Pauls. Rosewood fretboard like the original 'Bursts (it was ebony on the other Gibson Heritage 80 versions). Hardware: tune-o-matic Nashville bridge, stop tailpiece, pots dated 1980 and 1981 like the original Tim Shaw PAFs, dated Aug 4th 1980 and February 1981. Like the earliest Tim Shaws, one has the date clearly stamped, while the other one has the new code introduced by Shaw in early '81, 138 281, where the first three digits indicate neck (137) or bridge (138) followed by month and year.  You can read more about specs, birth and history of these great guitars and pickups in several threads from the Les Paul Forum ( link1, link2, link3 and on Gibson website: link4. The tuners are the original Grover Rotomatics. No part has been replaced, no solder joint has been touched. The guitar comes with its original case, a beautiful reproduction of the '50s 'California Case' with the original key and the typically broken handle, fixed in a very clean way. In the case pocket you'll also find the original purchase invoice!
The sound is very beautiful, very close to the other two Tim Shaw PAFs guitars we have had (the two Gold Top 30th Anniversary you see in the
archive), which were among the best Les Pauls we had ever played.  Blues, rock, give her a good tube amp and this guitar will bring you anywhere. In our opinion, these guitars are one of the best investments in the vintage market. But if you don't want to consider it from this point of view, just consider it is a beautiful, original, great sounding guitar in perfect conditions. Aint' that enough?

front - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - top1 - top2 - top3 - back - body back - headstock - heel - hware1 - hware2 - pickup1 - pickup2 - case candys - ding - scratch - guard - binding - tuners - jack - pots - case