We love these guitars! We have already talked about the story of this model, born at the end of the '70s, when Gibson tried to recapture the orignal feel and spirit of the Les Paul through a number of limited editions like the Leo's, the Guitar Trader, and on a larger scale the 30th Anniversary and the Heritage 80. All of them were exceptionally well-built guitars, which are now considered as real milestones in the long and glorious Les Paul Model's history.

This H 80 Standard comes from the very first year of production: it is totally original, in perfect conditions, sounds killer and is enriched by an exceptionally beautiful flamed-maple top. It has all the typical specs of the model: two-piece maple top, one-piece mahogany body, three-piece mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, chrome hardware with stop bar and "Nashville" bridge, Grover Rotomatic tuners, everything 100% original. 

The heart of its electric circuitry is a pair of powerful and great-sounding "Tim Shaw PAFs" from the first run. Just like on the first H80 we have had (, the neck pickup hasn't the usual '137' code, but a stamped date: August 5th 1980, one day younger than the "Shaw" of the other H80. The bridge pickup has the typical '138' code followed by the month, August 1980 (138 880). Both units are original and have never been opened. The four pots are all dated '79 and '80, and all the solder-joints are original and untouched.

Frets in excellent shape, beautiful and smooth fingerboard, easy-action neck, solid and straight. The guitar is in "stage/gig-ready" condition. 

The beautiful cherry sunburst finish is in exceptionally fine conditions: the top has very strong and even flames, with equally strong lengthwise grain. The guitar shows minimal traces of wear, a tiny worn spot on the neck and a the chrome hardware has a nice opaque look that gives an almost nickel-like vintage feel. 

This gorgeous Les Paul comes with its original brown hardshell case in perfect conditions - and with an intact handle! Don't miss this one...