FENDER JAGUAR, 1963, custom color Lake Placid Blue

100% original pre-CBS Fender. Flamed maple neck, fantastic guitar. Neck date May 1964. 

The Lake Placid metallic Blue is one of my favorite colors. Alder body with white primer and azure-blue base-coat,  and totally unfaded original custom color in excellent conditions, unfaded with no green areas. Just like its Candy Apple sister, this instrument has been treated with the greatest care and is in very clean condition, with a little more wear but with a rarer color. The fretboard is in brazilian rosewood darkened by use, with clay-dots. The back of the beautiful maple neck is very flamed and shows normal wear. The headstock has an intact Fender logo and original Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners, and its finish nicely matches the body's color. The green pickguard has beautifully yellowed with age and shows no cracks and warping. All the chrome plated parts are in excellent condition, including the floating vibrato with the original arm and the bridge with the flip-up mute. Both the mute's rubber pad and the bridge cover are missing. The hardware is all original, including knobs, switches and screws.

Original circuitry, shielding plates, solder-joints and electric parts: potentiometers are dated 21st week of 1964. We have only partially disassembled the pickups but we stopped and didn't force them to come-off from the rubber spacer and the shielding plate. They are absolutely untouched and original. When taking off the pickguard, we saw that there are  minimal difference between the hidden and the exposed areas: the color is really bright and shiny. The two "clamping holes" used for the finishing and drying process (pictured in detail) are still there. Beside these holes we can see the classic paint-stick mark which was already in use in early '64. 

The finish is in excellent condition, with wear along the body edges and a large worn area in the belt-buckle position. 
Great sound and great-feeling neck. Both electronics and harware are fully functional, with no problems at all. 

This very collectible guitar comes with its original black tolex hardshell case in excellent conditions.

front - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - body4 - back - body back - body flash - headstock - logo - knobs - bridge & mute - fretboard - circuitry - pickup - vibrato - nail1 - nail2 - body cavity1 - body cavity2 - neck - flame - switch - no guard - pots1 - pots2 - pots3 - neck date - neck pocket - neck plate - tuners1 - tuners2 - wear1 - wear2 - wear3 - case