slab-board / stack-knob

One of the earliest Jazz Basses ever built! All the dates indicate a very early-production example of the model that is the standard by which all the other electric basses are judged in the last 50 years. The maple neck is dated September 1960 (the faded penciled date is readable on the bottom of the neck base and has left its mark into the paint of the neck pocket). The same date has been transcribed on the "face" of the neck base, maybe to keep the original information about the production date from fading away with time. The body is dated August 1960 one of the  pickup cavities. Both potentiometers are dated 25th week of '60.

This bass has all the features typical of the first production batch: the concentric (stacked) knobs; the beautiful "slab" rosewood fretboard; the holes from the individual mutes, now removed like on the 90% of the early Jazz Basses, a design soon archived by Fender as unsuccessfull. 

This is a 100% original bass, in excellent conditions with normal signs of playing wear. It is in very fine functional conditions, plays effortlessly and its well- balanced pickups sound great. It has been professionally refretted, the action is low and can still be lowered a little more. The bass has its bridge cover, but the other pickup cover is lost.

It comes with its beautiful brown tolex case which has protected it for the last half-century and is ready to keep doing the job for many years to come.