Oriental Red. The double-cutaway version of the 6131 model, Duo-Jet's red sister. A tiny delicous '60s guitar distinguished by the typical Gretsch exuberance: the striking contrast between the black-finished mahogany body and the red-finished maple top, the gold-plating of the flashy metal hardware, were all addressed right from the model's introduction to those musicians striving for an unconventional look. The appointments are typical of the '60s Gretsch guitars: two FilterTron pickups with the rare variant od the "open" cover (which is basically a Hi-Lo Tron cover, but gold-plated),"space-roller" bridge, Burns vibrato tailpiece, G-arrow knobs and oval-button Grover tuners, the very same model used on 6120s.

Beside the pickup covers, this guitar has another peculiarity: a gold-finished, un-notched pickguard (the standard was black) and it's the second Jet Firebird from the same production batch that we have found with this style of guard (the other was serial # 74838, this one is 74833).

Everything appears to be original and in full working order. The guitar is light, especially if compared to a Les Paul, thanks to its "fake" solid-body construction, with empty cavities - almost tonal chambers - hidden under the maple top. The electric circuitry has the typical stand-by-switch, two volume controls and a master volume knob, two selector switches for pickup and tone selection. The ebony "neo-classic" fretboard has the zero-fret and the classic "thumbprint" inlays. The gracefully shaped headstock has the pearl-inlaid "T-roof" Gretsch logo.

The electric circuitry is untouched and original. The original finish is in great shape both on top and back, with very light playing wear. The binding, which often is Gretsches' weak spot, is in perfect conditions. The gold-plated parts show normal playing wear. The guitar comes with its original hardshell case, which currently is reinforced by some heavy-duty tape: it is in very good aesthetical condition though, so it really deserves a better and professional job: we'll fix it at our shop as soon as possible.

The neck is rounded and very comfortable to play, with a fretboard in great condition and a low and easy action. The FilterTron sound is the unmistakable voice of these guitars, so american but so different: that great Gretsch look, for "That Great Gretsch Sound".