A '57 Junior has no equals. The neck, the elegance of the look, the single P-90 roar, the light weight... that's pure magic! The guitar you see here is exceptionally sound and strong - and 100% original

All-mahogany body and neck with nicely figured Brazilian-rosewood fingerboard. Single P-90 pickup, original, intact and exceptionally-sounding. Original Kluson Deluxe "no-line" tuners, typical "stud"-style bridge/tailpiece combination, black plastic pickguard. All-original circuitry, with untouched solderings and "bumble-bee" capacitor. Gold silkscreened Gibson logo. Gold "bell-knobs". Every part is original and in good condition. 

Father Time has left a few signs on this gem: a beautiful checking graces the almost unfaded sunburst finish, there are several scratches and dings and the neck shows some playing-wear. A new strap-button had been added on the back of the body but has been removed, and the 3x3 Klusons had been replaced by individual Klusons at some point. No visible trace is left of this modification: the original '56-style Kluson "no-line" tuners have been re-installed on the guitar and are in good working order although their buttons show some shrinkage, and their fixing plates cover completely the trace of the other tuners. A small and barely visible "2" impressed on the back of the headstock just above the serial number reveals that this guitar was originally a "factory second", for some reason that today cannot be identified: a ding in the woods, a small flaw in the finish... whatever it was, now is totally hidden by the honest signs of playing wear.

The guitar comes with a non-original but good-quality TKL hardshell case. A great trouble-free guitar, a great value, a strong investment for both the collector and the player.