GlBSON LES PAUL 30th Anniversary, 1982-83

The Gold-Top 30th Anniversary belongs to an interesting page of Gibson's history: the first "serious" attempt at producing new Les Pauls by following the correct path of the model's tradition. The new Limited Editions such as the Heritage 80 or this gold-top version were all equipped with the humbuckers designed by Tim Shaw, great-sounding units that have already reached the status of "classics".

By the way, it should be pointed out that, although online-forums and online-"experts" often call "Shaw" every Gibson humbucker built in the early '80s, the only REAL "Shaws" are the ones with the numbers 137 (neck pickup) and 138 (bridge) stamped on their back, with other numbers identifying year and month. Each and every Heritage 80 and 30th Anniversary we have had in our hands feature such pickup stamps, since august 1980. In this guitar, a december '82 date is stamped on the pickups, and a 1982 date is also shown on the potentiometers, which are original like all the parts of the electric circuitry.

This Les Paul screams "classic" also in its construcion: one-piece mahogany body with maple top, one-piece mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, gold finish on the top and Kluson-style unmarked double-ring tuners. Like the pickups, also the hardware is more '57 than '52-inspired, with the typical stop-bar and ABR tune-o-matic bridge. This choice led to a very successful model, which inspite of its rarity, today is highly regarded by collectors and players alike, for its great sound, classic look and exceptional playability.

The guitar is 100% original and in exceptionally fine conditions. The serial number's code for the model differs from the regular poduction line, starting with a letter which identifies the year: this instrument was shipped in early 1983, and all of its parts were completed and dated within december 1982.  It comes with a nice, tweed-covered hardshell case, not the original but a very good one.