Sunburst. A super-cool and 100% original Precision Bass with a deep and powerful sound, with a beautifully aged look which tells about 45 years of live gigs. The light alder body has a beautiful nitro three-tone sunburst finish with lots of playing wear, especially in the belt-buckle area and under the right arm. The mild-flame maple neck shows some wear too to the finish, and is straight and trouble-free. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard with pearl dots is beautifully figured and has good frets and the original nut. 

The neck is dated July 1965, while the pots are dated 20th week of that same year. The bass has all the typical features of the early Fender transitional period, right after CBS takeover but well before any change in the production process had ever occurred, so it is in fully pre-CBS style. "L" serial number, slightly worn transition logo, black bottom pickup.

Everything is perfectly original. Pots, pickup, capacitor, wires, Switchcraft jack-socket, knurled Tele-style knobs, tortoise pickguard, bridge and saddles, finger-rest on the lower side of the body, metal covers of pickup and bridge (the latter still has what's left of the original rubber mute), early type tuners (the ones with reverse operation), string retainer, etc. etc. Really perfect under every respect.

But what really matters for the musician is the sound: and this Precision proves to be up to the situation! Powerful, warm, balanced, it's just perfect for all the "classic" styles that require warmth and depth: blues, jazz, r&b, r&r, rock-blues. It's both an outstanding instrument and a precious collectible item, gig-ready and perfectly set-up with an excellent action, a great choice for the player who's been searching for "the instrument of his life", the one to keep, the one to play on stage and in the studio. 

The hardshell case is the classic Polverini-brand italian export case, which is far from the beauty and sturdiness of the american ohsc. But it has been with this bass since day one, and is still with it.