Mapleglo (natural) finish. A 40 year old guitar in unbelievable conditions, near mint and 100% original. Among regular-scale Rickenbacker thinlines, the 330 was the standard-feature model, with unbound clear-coated rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, and unbound slash soundhole and body.  As suggested by the final 0 in the model's name, the 330 had the regular chrome-plated R tailpiece instead of the vibrato. The body has the typical half-moon double cutaway shape, with sharp edges. 

The two-level, white plastic pickguard has all the controls in the lower part: individual tone and volume, pickup selector and tone-blender, the fifth small knob which mixes to the selected pickup's sound the signal of the un-selected one. The pickups are two classic  "toaster" units.
The beautiful see-through natural finish reveals the gorgeous maple wood. The neck is three-piece laminated (maple-mahogany-maple), and two more mahogany wings are added on the headstock. Orignal individual Kluson Deluxe double-line tuners. The thick rosewood fretboard shows a little wear in the clear finish, and has a darker color in the 12th fret area, due to the natural color of the wood rather than to playing wear. 

All original harware and circuitry. Pots are dated 33th week of '66, while the serial number on the metal jack-plate has a September '66 production code. 

Exceptionally fine conditions, only almost invisible signs on the back, just as if the guitar has left the shop 4 months ago, and not 40 years. I'ts impossible to find '60s guitars in this condition, and we were lucky enough to find two from the same owner. This gorgeous 330 comes with a nice Rickenbacker modern hardshell case, the correct reproduction case sold with all the vintage reissue models.