Natural Mapleglo finish. Mint and 100% original conditions! How many times have you heard us call "mint" a guitar? This one is over 40 years old and looks like it has left the shop a few weeks ago. In the Rickenbacker line, the 365 was one of the deluxe models, with bound rosewood fretboard with triangular "crushed pearl" inlays, bound slash sound-hole, "checkered binding" on the back side of the body. 

Basically, the 365 was the vibrato version of the 360 model. The tailpiece is the classic '60s "Ac-cent" chrome plated vibrato. The graceful half-moon shape of the body was changed around 1965 with rounded body edges, and for a few years both version were marketed at the same time.

Among the best looking features of the Rickenbacker's design there are the single slash sound-hole and the two-level white pickguard. On the guard's lower side, there are five control knobs and the pickup selector switch. This is the classic Ric's control scheme, which adds to the regular individual volume and tone controls the new (and often misunderstood even by famous Ric users) "blender knob", conceived to gradually mix-in sounds from the unselected pickup to the selected unit's voice. The pickups are the typical "toaster" units, so closely associated to the look and sound of the '60s Rickenbackers. The large jack-plate has two sockets for the stereo Rick-O-Sound effect, with the signal of each pickup sent to a different amplifier, but you can use the guitar with a normal single jack.

The clear Mapleglo finish enhances the beauty of the maple of the body. Maple is also used for the neck, with a darker central mahogany large laminated stripe. Two more darker mahogany wings are added on the heastock. The tuning machines are original Kluson Deluxe double-lines. All original hardware and circuitry, with pots dated 40th week of '66. The serial number is from December of the same year. 

Absolutley perfect "museum quality" conditions, only a very few minor signs on the back, almost invisible and impossible to show in the pictures. You'll never seen another one in this condition. It comes with its original hardshell case in silver tolex, in excellent condition.