Cherry Red. This is the last '60s version of the SG Standard moldel, the one recently reissued by Gibson as "Angus Young Model". This is an original vintage 40+ years old example, in absolutely stunning and 100% original conditions!

The body is made of mahogany and is finished in the beautiful see-through cherry typical of '60s SGs. The neck is made of three pieces of mahogany, which suggests the last months of '68 as production period, as confirmed by the 'double-line/double-ring' tuners, still Kluson-made and with 169400 pat. number, but already stamped "Gibson Deluxe". The pantographed logo in its earliest version, with large squared letters, free "i" dot and lower link between "o" and "n" is unmistakebly 1968. And finally also the serial number clearly indicates 1968 as year of production. However, although we must consider late '68 as real date of birth of the guitar, the pots dated early 1970 suggest that it has been actually shipped only a few months later. 

Everything is original and correct, with the two "patent-number" pickups directly screwed to the plastic pickguard, the Tune-o-Matic bridge with metal saddles and patent number on its flip-side, the "Lyre Vibrola Deluxe" vibrato tailpiece, the "top-hat" knobs, etc. Everything works great. The dark rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays is in great shape, and the neck has a very rounded profile - not too wide though. Very nice feel and very easy to play. Powerful sound for classic rock, pop, blues.

This SG guitar is in exceptionally find condition: minimal traces of wear on the body, a little more on the neck, no chrome plating wear. The neck-body joint, which often was the weak-spot of these guitars, is extremely solid: this instrument is gig-ready and in totally trouble-free condition.

The guitar comes with its original '60s black hardshell case with yellow lining, in beautiful shape.