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Serial number 8123. Neck date 8/55. Body date 7/55. Potentiometers date 17th week of 55. Body made of figured ash, very thin and light, deeply contoured. Original two-tone sunburst finish. All original bakelite parts in good conditions (some pickup cover is cracked, no missing pieces). Original tremolo arm and spring-cavity cover.

Untouched electric circuitry, perfectly original solder-joints. Beautiful Kluson "no line", Pat. Appld. tuners. 100% original guitar.

Gorgeous tweed hardshell case, with intact hinges and latches. The guitar's only flaw is a small pulgged screw-hole from a second string retainer on the front of the headstock.

Exceptional sound.

please note:

the guitar has been refretted in 2007 by Fender Custom Shop's "master luthier" JW Black. The original finish of the fretboard has been preserved. All the original frets are saved in a plastic bag inside of the case-pocket, with the original rubber grommets and a few saddle screws. These parts didn't work properly anymore and were replaced by identical-looking parts, correct for shape and materials. Not one of the original parts has been thrown away.