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 blond. Very nice mid-60s transitional Tele: Excellent+ condition, all original, with an exceptionally fine Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. Transition Logo shows some wear but is clean enough. Original Kluson Deluxe "double-line" tuners, pearl dots.
Neck date is July 1966, pots date is 42nd week of 1965. All original pickups and electronics, bridge pickup has its pencilled date hidden by the usual masking tape but is untouched and clearly original. Typical mid-late '60s wiring, with volume and tone controls always working, both in individual and double pickup selections, and you can see the small .001 MFD capacitor at the vol. pot (see
pots2 picture).
Normal playing wear, mostly on body edges and back of neck, no belt-buckle wear, some light checking, heavier on the headstock (see
checking pic). Small plugged-hole for a second string retainer, professionally touched-up. Great sounding, great-playing problem-free Telecaster, in really very fine conditions, with a very clean black-tolex original hardshell case with Fender logo. More pictures below:

tele66 - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - brazilian - back - body back - knobs - bridge - neck date - neck pocket - headstock - pickup1 - pickup2 - pickup3 - pickup4 - pickup5 - pots1 - pots2 - logo - tuners - det - case - wear1 - wear2 - wear3 - wear4 - checking