Blond, 100% original, or maybe 99,99 since one of the string-anchor ferrules on the back is replaced. Ash body, maple neck dated August 1971, three-ply black pickguard, common on early 70s sunburst Teles but exceptionally rare on blond ones. All the parts are original: "F" tuners, black logo, circuitry with pots dated 26th week of 1966. Both pickups are original, and the bridge unit is stamped 9301, which means it was built in 1971. Not a single solder-joint has been touched. The chrome hardware (bridge and control plate with knobs) is all original and plating is in very clean shape. The guitar's previous owner was left-handed, as a strap-button hole on the lower horn and a probably re-installed right-handed nut reveal. 
Black guard, blond finish and maple neck, they all give this Tele a timeless look and feel. I't not too light of course, but it isn't heavy either especially if compared to mid-late 70s Teles. It plays great, frets are good enough, and it sounds like a good Tele should. Both pickups sound ok, and the bridge unit is strong and hot, although not too bright as later guitars.
As you can see from the pictures, the guitar is very clean, with light traces of wear on the body edges and on the back of the neck, and a blond finish which has gracefully yellowed with age. Overall, it is a super nice Telecaster, with a classic look and sound and a strong '60s vibe.
The case is a brand new and perfectly fitting Fender hardshell case.

in case - front - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - logo - knobs - bridge - neck pickup - pickup1 - pickup2 - pickup3 - pickup4 - no_guardselector - pots1 - pots2 - pots3neck date - neck pocket - tuners - jack - neck - board - neckplate - hole - ferrules - case