Maple-cap neck, custom color, 100% original. A very rare and beautiful guitar, with a nice combination of Candy Apple Red custom color and "maple-cap" neck. The neck is dated September 1966 and is one of the few maple-caps built before the 1967 - 1968 period: both fingerboard and neck are nicely figured with quilt and flames extending up to the headstock. Here we see the original gold "transition logo" and the original set of Kluson Deluxe "double-line" tuners in perfect working order. No trace of any other tuners ever installed. The neck is straight and issue-free.

The light alder body is finished in one of the favorite custom-colors: the metal "candy-apple" red, in exceptionally fine condition and all original. The finish shows only some cracking at the string-anchoring ferrules, a light edge-wear under the player's right arm and a few nicks and scratches on the lower part of the body and around the jack-cup area. Nothing else worths mentioning and the finish is in overall exceptional shape, especially if compared to other Candy Apple Red guitars from the same era. 

After removing the original three-ply pickguard, we see that the body's color has only slightly faded through the years on the areas exposed to the sunlight, and is really bright and shiny. On the cutaway "horn" we see the only flaw of the guitar: an additional screw-hole, two millimeters away from the one actually used, from another pickguard installed for a while by the previous owner, who needed an ever more flashy look for his axe. However, he had kept the original part which has not warped through the years, so we could re-install it without any problem. Of course this little hole is totally hidden when the pickguard in mounted on the guitar's top.

The electric circuitry didn't undergo any modification through decades of playing and so is in fully original condition and everything works great. The bridge pickup has a hand-written date (November 7h 1966). The pots are dated 31st week of 1966. Selector switch, jack, wiring, capacitors, are all original. And so is the hardware, including bridge, saddles, volume and tone knobs and plastic switch tip.  

Zero issues for a really rare and fascinating guitar, which plays and sounds great and comes complete wit all the details, including the metal ash-tray bridge cover and the italian "export" case, branded Poleverini.