A rare and original Gretsch hardshell case from the Sixties, correct for many electric and acoustic deep-body archtop models such as 6120, Country Club, Streamliner, New Yorker, Single Anniversary & Double Anniversary, 1st version Tennessean, etc.

Structurally, the case is in excellent condtions, with solid and fully working hinges, latches and handle. There is some wear on top, back and sides, and in a few spots and along the edges the wood shows through the torn grey covering. Inside, the lining shows some wear too and is ripped-off in the lower side.

Nonetheless, it is a very beautiful, solid and functional case, which will protect your vintage Gretsch while greatly increasing its value.

It will not fit thin-lines and 17" or wider models such as Country Gentleman and White Falcon.

Dimentions (inside): max width cm 42 (16.5"), length cm 110 (43.3"), depth cm 10 (4").