Sunburst. Pre-CBS, 100% original guitar (the only work ever done is a perfect refret job, with fresh frets and nut). Excellent+ conditions.  1963 is a very special year in Stratocaster history: the guitars from the later half of that year have the same specifications as '64 models, same type of finish, body's contour shape and depth, no-body date, same fingerboard-dot positioning, black case. But the guitars built in the first part of '63 like the one you see here, have a totally different personality: basically, they are the same as early post-slab '62s, and with their look, their sound, their magic neck feel and their heroes, they hold a very special place in the heart of all the Strat lovers - and so, of us all!

As you can see from the pictures below (and there are so many) the conditions of the original finish are stunning! 
The body is very light and deeply contoured, shows very moderate wear with light transversal checking, with no heavily worn area on the back and just a few dings and scratches on the top and some body-edge wear. Two of the dings on the top, in the upper horn and jack area, show a home-made touch-up with a black marker... however they're only a few millimeters wide and easily removable. The beautiful sunburst has the typical early 60s color and shading, still with no paint-stick shape in the neck pocket, and the two nail holes used to clamp the body to let the finish dry (the one in the jack pocket was already gone). The date, hand-written in the spring-cavity, is 5/63. 

The neck is dated June 1963; it has the incredibly comfortable contour which has such an important part in the '63 Strat legendary status, a beautiful brazilian rosewood fingerboard with clay-dots, and correct-size new frets, professionally installed for a perfect playability. The back of the neck shows playing wear, which - together with the body's conditions - witnesses an intense but respectful use through 45 years of music. The small pre-CBS headstock has a clean Spaghetti logo (a few letters are gone from the Stratocaster name), and  original Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners, with no evidence of other tunes ever on it.

The gorgeous "green" pickguard is perfectly intact, just like all the electric circuitry it hides. The screw-hole between neck and middle pickup is still in the 'pre-63' position. The three black bottom pickups are original and untouched like all the electric parts (three-way switch, capacitor, wires, pots, jack, solder-joints). The potentiometers are dated February '63. 

Clean and original hardware, with some oxidation on a few Pat. Pend. saddles of the bridge and on the tuners, and some yellowing of the plastic parts (knobs, switch-tip, spring-cavity cover). The bridge cover and trem-arm are missing, but a non-original whammy bar will be provided with the guitar.

This precious Stratocaster comes with its rare and original white tolex hardshell case, found only in '63. The case is in good conditions, with a solid handle and all original latches and hinges. Its wooden structure was cracked at one end, but our luthier has repaired it with epoxy glue, restoring its fully functionality.
The look, neck, weight, contour, are all important ingredients of the "legend of '63". The sound makes no exception, believe me. Call us for trying this guitar at our shop, we'll be glad to assist you!

























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