FENDER STRATOCASTER Black Custom Color, 1972

Black finish, 100% original. Neck date October 72, pots date 46th week of '71, grey bottom 'staggered' pickups dated 1972 (2312). Light alder body, three-bolt and 'tilt-neck adjustment' maple neck, large headstock with black logo. Black is one of the most sought-after custom colors, since Jimi Hendrix often used black Strats with large headstocks.

The finish is original and in good conditions, with some checking and heavy wear on the back, which goes down to the wood. The body front is very clean. The wear-pattern and a small additional plugged hole from another strap-button on the lower horn, reveal  that the previous owner was left-handed and used the guitar upside-down, la Hendrix. 

All the parts are original: bridge, tuners, circuitry, staggered-pole pickups, potentiometers, three-way selector switch, plastic parts, etc.  Custom color's rarity, light weight and sound make of this guitar a winner.

Excellent action, smooth and easy maple fretboard with frets in good condition. Pickups have a loud output and are well balanced, and give the guitar a hot and clear sound. 

Bridge and spring covers are missing. The guitar comes with its original black tolex hardshell case with Fender logo.