All original guitar, with the only exception of the nut.

Ash body, maple neck with three-bolt plate and “tilt-neck” device, serial number on the neckplate. Pickups with “staggered” poles are datated 1974, original “F” tuners, all-original hardware.  Potenziometers are dated 39th and 40th week of 1974. The ink-stamped code at the base of the neck cannot be read clearly.

Compared to the typical guitars of the period, this one is really light. It is in more than excellent conditions, with a perfectly unfaded metallic red color, only a few dings here and there and some light playing wear on the lower part of the body

It comes with its original vibrato arm, original bridge adjustment hex-key, a beautiful black tolex original hardshell case with Fender logo, and even the original case key.