Natural. Exceptionally rare guitar. Besides all the standard features of the 6193 model for 1960 (two Filtertrons, two volumes + master knobs, tone and pickup selector switches, Grover Imperial stairstep tuners, "space-roller" bridge, etc.) this guitar has many rare appointments. 

First, a laminated spruce top instead of the usually-seen maple. Laminated five-piece neck (maple and prob. mahogany), just like the
6120 from the same year you see in our private collection, only 110 digits away from this one's serial number. The body is made of highly flamed maple, absolutely gorgeous. And most of all, there is a detail we have never encountered on a Country Club: the "sound post" inside of the body, typical of single-cut 6120s, early Tennesseans and a few Anniversarys, like the '59 you see in the archive section of the list. The sound post connects top and back, giving the guitar a greater rigidity, to avoid feedback problems when played really loud. Another interesting feature: FilterTrons are one "Patent Applied For" (PAF) and one Patent Number, not uncommon for 1960, when both types of cover were used. 

G-cutout tailpiece, "neo-classic" ebony fretboard with thumbprint inlays, G/arrow knobs. Every part is 100% original, in excellent plus condition. No heavy dings, no heavy wear. The only cosmetical flaws are a heavy gold-plating wear of the hardware, almost gone from knobs,  switches, pickup covers, and a small piece of binding missing from the headstock front. The binding deterioration, so common on '60 Gretsches, was becoming a real problem on the guitar's body, since it just could not be stopped in any way. So, instead of keeping on touching it up by replacing the damaged pieces one at a time, we have chosen to ask our luthier Salvatore Mancuso to complety restore it. The restoration job is just perfect, since Mancuso has used exactly the same material, dimentions and colour of the original binding. 

More rare details make of this guitar a true "collector's item": inside of the clean original hardshell case you'll find also the original Gretsch Warranty Card and the "OK Card" control tag, bearing both the guitar's serial number. Rare and interesting indeed!
All in all, an exceptional guitar, rare and beautiful, with the same sound and circuitry of period's 6120s, but with an unique look and personality, with a great natural blond finish and a fantastic flamed maple body.