sunburst, 100% original. Another JB in unbelievable conditions, shipped to us through a time machine.  

Perfect  sunburst finish, almost new on the top, with no blet-buckle wear on the back and only a few body-edge wear signs.  Tortoise plastic pickguard with no cracks, finger-rest in the old-style lower position, 4-bolt neck plate, bound rosewood fretboard with large block markers, light alder body. 

The light green stamp which replaced the neck date in the '69-'71 period is not clearly visible, but many elements unmistakably identify this bass as a '71: pots are all dated 16th week of '71, grey-bottom pickups are stamped 2311 = 1971. The neck itself, once disassembled and tipped-over, clearly reveals the mirror image of the body's neck-pocket paint. It is an untouched, un-altered, perfectly original bass.

From a functional point of view, this is a great instrument: very light, with a fantastic action, a straight neck, a huge sound with two powerful pickups, 100% gig-ready. From an aesthetic point of view it is  near-mint, in the "Real Vintage acceptation" of the word, which is the "mint" of 99% of the other shops. 

Its beauty is completed by the original chrome covers (bridge cover still has the rubber foam mute) and the beautiful original black tolex case with Fender logo.