This very nice transitional Stratocaster had already been in our inventory a few years ago. We had the chance to buy it back at Soave Guitar Show 2006, and we didn't hesitate: being able to purchase a vintage Stratocaster we already know so well is chance that has - literally - no price, so we gladly paid for it 3250 euros MORE than the price we sold it for!  We also chose to take a whole new set of pictures to show better all the details and the present conditions, but you can also see the photos of the first time we listed it by clicking here, since you know that we keep online all the pictures of the instruments we have sold, both for transparency and to build a sort of photographic archive of vintage guitars which can be useful for all the vintage guitar community.
A few data: sunburst finish, small headstock, transition-logo, pearl dots, white plastic pickguard, neck date 2 JUN 65 B, pots date 14th week of 1965, pickups date May 3 '65, serial number L 79xxx. Flamed maple neck, very beautiful and with a magnetic feel, with lots of honest playing wear which has become more evident after three more years of continual use. Very beautiful and easy-playing rosewood fretboard with new frets and nut. The transition logo is in excellent conditions. Original Kluson Deluxe double line tuners. Except for the refret, the guitar is 100% original and with full pre-CBS specs
Light alder body with a gorgeous and original sunburst finish, lots of playing wear both on the back and under the right arm on the top. The guitar has been played and doesn't come from under some collector's bed. It is a regular gigging axe, it has been loved AND played, not kept in a vault. The electronics are original; the three way switch - that was still there when we first sold it - was replaced by a 5-way for some time, but the owner kept it in the case so we were able to re-install it in the original place. The job was done by luthier Salvatore Mancuso,
www.mancusoguitars.com , and is perfectly undetectable and clean (two detailed pictures below). Pots, capacitor, wiring, pickups are untouched. Pat. Pend. saddle bridge, original knobs and plastic parts, original pickguard with a couple of tiny cracks next to the screws (two more detailed pics).  The only differences from the conditions shown in the previous photo-set are the additional neck wear and a small maple chip, which was already broken and glued, lost at the top of the headstock, which is shown in another detailed picture. Just like the '64 you see above, also this '65 has a small crack in the wood, clearly shown in detail, which runs from the bridge pickup cavity to one of the bridge-plate screws. Like we did for the '64, we chose to glue and strengthen this seam to prevent it from growing longer with time, although it was not a structural problem.
It is a solid, original, beautiful and great-sounding guitar! It comes with the original black tolex hardshell case. Missing: bridge and spring covers, vibrato arm. 38 pictures online, please open them ONE at a time!

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