FENDER PRECISION BASS Blond Custom Color, 1963

A custom-color pre-CBS Fender guitar is always a rare find. This beautiful ash-body P-Bass is finished in see-through blond, one of the most sought-after colors, and with its tortoise pickguard, dark rosewood curved board, deep contour and white case has all the look and feel of a Classic.

 The neck date is November '63, the body is from March of the same year with the date hand-written in the pickup cavity. The beautiful rosewood board still has its original frets, which have recently been leveled for a perfect playability. The body is light, thanks to the very deep "contour" typical of early '60s Fenders. The hardware is all original: metal knurled knobs, bridge-cover, tuners, plastic finger-rest. Original Spaghetti logo in great shape. Untouched circuirtry with 1963 pots and Switchcraft jack socket.

The blond nitro finish is original and in excellent conditions, with a lot of checking on top and back and some belt-buckle and edge wear. Powerful, round and warm Precision sound.

A gorgeous and rare Precision with stunning looks, completely original except for a small pickguard repair, professionally set-up and ready to gig, with its beautiful and original white tolex case.