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sunburst. Just in, another pre-CBS, 100% original Strat, really one of the latest 100% pre-CBS axes. This is an "early-transitional" guitar. Many '63 features, such as the ultra-clean and intact "green-guard", beefy neck profile, "clay" side-dots, Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners, are mixed with late '64 details, such as grey-bottom pickups, pearl dots and one of the earliest transition-logos  I have encountered (a bit worn) on the small-headstock. November 64 neck date, while pickups signed by "Mell" are dated  Dec 18th 1964, nad CTS pots are dated july '64. Original circuitry, untouched solder joints, original wiring, pots, screws, knobs, three-way switch, bridge and saddles, etc.  L 53xxx serial number. 
Conditions: original finish shows some belt-buckle wear down to the wood on the back, and top has some arm-wear which reveals the yellow finish layer. What a great look! Yes, it has been played, but has not been abused, and is solid and beautiful!  On the top there is a pick-wear area near the lower cutaway and a 7 cm scratch. Normal body-edge and neck wear. Excellent frets (no visible trace of refret job, but I can't be 100% sure that frets have not been replaced), and beautiful dark brazilian rosewood fretboard. Really an "epic-looking" guitar which shows honest signs of a live music life. Rust on bridge saddles and on some tuner. The guitar sounds and plays like a good '64 Strat should: tons of attack and sustain, terrific! Missing parts: original vibrato arm (I'll ship the guitar with a good repro) and bridge cover. Back-cover is in the case. Beautiful original black tolex hardshell case.

64strat - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - neck date - neck pocket - body cavity - logo - circuitry - pickups1 - pickups2 - pots1 - pots2 - selector - knobs - bridge - tuners - wear1 - wear2 - wear3 - case