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We are founding members of Vintage And Rare, the european web-portal dedicated to rare musical instruments

Artists & Bands

King Biscuit Time - our blues band, from Sicily Daniele Camarda - bass player, a good one!
Joe Coco - great singer/songwriter... and friend Blue In Blues - Massimo Garrubba's blues band
George Rezendes - fine acoustic picker Marco Di Maggio - a killer Rockabilly Trio
Nicola Costa - one of Italy's TOP guitar players.  Umberto Porcaro & Roller Coaster - mo' blues...!
Jacques Stotzem - a true fingerpicking master Adel's Puro Malto - Blues, rockabilly & more
Peppe Imbroscì - great bass player from Sicily Banda Giuseppe Verdi - da Faro Superiore
the Max Panconi Orchestra - red-hot big band! Eleonora Farri - singer, painter, artist from Italy. 

Instruments, accessories & amps 

SixStringsVintage  - Guitars & much more Vintage Corner  - Claudio Dini's handmade relics

Guitar Shows in Italy

Soave Guitar Festival - Italy's greatest vg show

Music Festivals in Italy

Castroreale Jazz - Jazz from the heart of Sicily


Salvatore Mancuso - Italian luthier's Guitar Shop John Monteleone - Master of the archtop guitar

Instructional - Others

TablEdit - Tablature Editor - hosted by Reno Brandoni
Armadillo Club -  Acoustic Guitar music online

The GODS section

Muddy Waters B.B. King
Rev. Gary Davis Totò

Blues and more blues - for italian blues & guitar lovers Spaghetti & Blues - Italian Blues web page 

General Information on Vintage Guitars - All the info you need - really!! The Gretsch Pages - Tons of G infos and links
Fetish Guitars - all-Italian Vintage Guitars website Vintage Hofner - The main source on vintage Hs.
Mandolin Archive - all the Loar-signed F-5 and L-5


la Gazzetta Dell'Antiquariato - Vintage and antique items web-magazine

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