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sunburst. Gorgeous transitional Stratocaster, 100% original: small headstock, clean transition logo, beautiful green guard. Exceptional Brazilian rosewood fingerboard (see pic)! Pearl dots and side-dots. Really one of the last "green guards", very nice and clean, with the typical crack near the screw but with no missing parts. Neck date is May 1965, "L" serial number, pots date is 24th week of '65, three grey-bottom pickups are all dated Jan 6th 1965 and hand-signed M. H. ... It is interesting to see that this pickup date is the very day after CBS officially purchased Fender (5.1.65)! So no need to say that this Strat has all pre-CBS features. Everything is original: Kluson Deluxe "double-line" tuners, three-way switch, circuitry, jack, pots, bridge and "Pat Pend" saddles, knobs, screws. 
Exceptionally fine conditions! Ultra-clean original sunburst finish, some checking, very little wear, various dings and nicks here and there and a few scratches but no belt-buckle wear, some playing wear on the back of the neck... every inch of the guitar is pictured below, so see it for yourself! Original case in excellent shape, with Fender logo (probably it was given the guitar at the moment of its final sale in the shop), so this is the only post-CBS detail. Original trem arm was missing, but we'll give you a nice original arm, a little less old. Recently refretted for perfect playability. Another great-playing / great-sounding Stratocaster!
And now the "secret" detail: under the guard there is an old inscription: "OK * J. Hendrix  11-68".... Now I don't know if it was a Jimi's fan, Jimi himself (which I do NOT believe, as you can see from  price), or a former seller looking for some fool. But this inscription is certainly very old and I will NOT remove it, because it is part of the history of the guitar, in one way or another. So, if after buying it from me you'll find it is what I don't believe it is, remember of me!
65strat - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - green guard - circuitry - selector - pots - pickup1 - pickup2 - pickup3 - pickup&guard - bridge - brazilian rosewood - hendrix - jack - neck date - neck pocket - tuner - knobs - logo - wear - case