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Welcome to our website!

Real Vintage is the italian guitar website specialized in vintage instruments: our philosophy is simple: we offer only high-quality instruments, carefully selected and tested, in absolutely original and perfectly playable conditions. Real Vintage comes up from our experience as musicians and collectors, that is to say from our passion, and prefers to do things well rather than on a large scale. We choose with care what to show from our pages, and we are not in a hurry to sell or buy. In our list you’ll never find the refinished, changed-pickups or wrong-production-number instruments that today overwhelm music shop racks, magazine ads or guitar show booths. Email us or give us a call, and we’ll carefully examine together the instruments you are interested in. No alteration is accepted on our guitars, besides the routine maintenance and set-up operations, without any replacement of original parts or refinishing. These are guitars we are proud to show.  Vintage without "surprises" has been our great dream as musicians, and is our great challenge as collectors and traders. We do hope you’ll recognize in us, apart from possible purchases or trades, the same passion you have.

    Nino Fazio



Nino Fazio, born in Messina in 1961, architect, has been a contributor from 1983 to 1997 for italian magazine "Il Blues", a blues dj for Antenna dello Stretto radio station, and a freelance writer for many other magazines (interviews with B.B. King, Robben Ford, Gatemouth Brown, Koko Taylor, Honeyboy Edwards). Today he writes a vintage guitar column for Guitar Club magazine. From 1993 to 2004 he has played with King Biscuit Time blues band, singing and playing guitar, and composing the original songs for cds Love That Stuff (1995) and Low Fidelity (2000). He collects acoustic and electric archtops from the ‘20s to the ‘60s, and his collection has been featured on magazines such as La Repubblica and La Gazzetta Dell'Antiquariato. Nino has established in december 1997, launching on the web in January 2000.

Nino's other great passion is here

Songs published by Fazio Music BMI are here  

Salvatore Mancuso, born in Santa Lucia del Mela in 1957, luthier by family tradition, has been for many years a professional musician. In 1988 he established Guitar Shop, where he designs and builds handcrafted guitars and basses, working mostly on a custom order basis, taking care personally of each stage of production process, and where he keeps on show Real Vintage guitars. His line includes electric solibody guitars, and acoustic and electric archtops.


  Dario Camarda has built the first edition of this web site.
Andrea Fazio, aka Junior, is responsible for final control and set-up. Only after his OK a guitar becomes a Real Vintage guitar.


Emma Fazio, recently hired, takes care of the packing & shipping department, and answers your phone calls.


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