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Small headstock, transition logo, white plastic pickguard, pearl-dots, L-serial number. Sunburst finish, with some arm-wear on the top and belt-buckle wear on the back, but... what a guitar! All original: finish, double-line Klusons, grey-bottom pickups dated 5-3-65,  three-way selector switch, potentiometers dated 14th week of 1965, knobs, bridge with Fender Pat-Pend saddles, etc. etc. Untouched solder-joints. Neck date is June 1965. The guitar has been professionally refretted and is a joy to play, with a thick curved rosewood fretboard on a flamed maple neck (see neck). Exceptional sound, really an outstanding guitar that will make anybody happy! Very beautiful and solid original black-tolex hardshell case. Yes, CBS had already bought Fender a few months earlier, but CBS takeover had not started yet: this guitar still conforms to 100% pre-CBS specs.

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