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sunburst. Pre-CBS, 100% original guitar, with all '63 features: Spaghetti Logo, green guard, clay dots, "L" serial number. The only difference from a '63 are the grey-bottom pickups and double-line Klusons (never other tuners on it). A typical golden era Strat: beefy but fast neck profile, with a fair amount of wear and a beautiful quilted figure in the woods, which is really gorgeous on the headstock front and back. The only modification is a professional refret (nut was also replaced at that time): but this is a routine job on a 40 year-old guitar that has been regularly played and will be played for many years to come. 
Neck date is September 1964, and all three pickups have December 18th 1964 stamped in yellow ink with EP initials (it's the second time a see a late '64 with yellow-stamped date on grey-bottom pickups). Serial number is L 49xxx, pots code is 137 6422 (June 1964). Everything original, no exceptions: bridge with rusty Pat. Pend. saddles, knobs, electronics, 3-way selector switch, Switchcraft jack socket, etc. The  "green" guard is intact, no warping, no breaks. Spaghetti logo is a bit worn but still strong and clear enough. Three-tone sunburst worn to yellow under the right arm position, and down to the wood on a large area on the back in the belt-buckle position. Vibrato spring cover is missing. There is a lot of wear on body edges, we have taken many pictures of the worn areas so please look at all the images below. Someone has cut a name, B. Kaden, underneath the guard.... I guess he was the original owner and not an islamic terrorist.
Lightweight guitar, great neck "feel", full and aggressive sound, perfect pickup balance. Probably the lower screw of the neck pickup is somewhat later, since it's less rusty than the others, but I can't really tell. It's the correct size and type, anyway, and it coulkd also be original... Perfect no-logo black tolex original hardshell case, with all latches and hinges working fine. In conclusion, another Real Vintage style Stratocaster from the "right" years, original and ready to rock. Many more pictures below, please click on the following links one at a time.
front - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - quilt1 - quilt2 - logo - knobs - bridge - circuitry - pickup1 - pickup2 - pickup3 - pu cavity - selector - pots1 - pots2 - neck - neck date - neck pocket - name - tuners - jack - wear1 - wear2 - wear3 - case