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sunburst. L Series , transition logo, small headstock. A great-sounding guitar with all original parts, with a very interesting price for a small-head '60s Strat. Very very light and acoustically resonant. Judging from the "Real Vintage originality-standards" point of view this guitar is 99,9 on 100: as we already told it has all original parts (except for the little string retainer) and all original sunburst finish, but it has three small plugged holes from other string-retainers on the headstock front, correctly repaired and touched-up. This temporary modification is still visible at a close inspection, and we have shown it in the detail picture. A shieldng product has been applied on the body cavities under the pickguard and in the jack-socket cavity: this does not alter the originality and could probably be removed, but we won't touch it since the guitar sounds better this way, with no interference from stage lights and electric equipments, and is completely invisible with the pickguard in place. Now the description: clean intact transition logo, or. bridge and trem assembly with Fender Pat. Pend saddles, neck date September 1965, pots date November '65, grey-bottom pickups dated July 7 1965. All original plastic parts, white pickguard with typical crack near the screw. Original electronics, including capacitor, three-way switch, Switchcraft jack socket.  Kluson Deluxe Double Line original tuners, reinstalled after a different set was temporarily mounted with no visible screw holes (see headstock and tuners pictures). Original nut, new frets for perfect feel and playability, wonderful Brazilian rosewood fretboard with pearl dots and side dots.  Exceptional sound, all three pickups sound great with an extremely rich and powerful neck unit. Vibrato arm is missing, but we have the back spring-cavity plastic cover.
Excellent overall conditions, the classic charme of a vintage Stratocaster used but not abused, with normal playing wear on back of neck, body edges and belt-buckle position, all clearly shown in the pictures. 
Black tolex original hardshell case, with '66-style no underline Fender logo, in excellent shape as well. Please open pictures one at a time.

65strat - in case - body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - neck date - neck pocket - body cavity - logo - circuitry - pickup1 - pickup2 - pickup3 - pots1 - pots2 - selector - jack - knobs - springs - bridge - tuners - wear1 - wear2 - detail - case