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GIBSON L-5 CES, 1973

sunburst, the queen of jazz-archtops, directly purchased from the original owner, country singer-guitarist-bassist Bob Tucker (Emmett, Idaho), who used it for more than 25 years as his main instrument. This guitar has not the 'volute' on the headstock-back, which was introduced by Gibson only in '74 on the top-quality instruments, L-5, Super 400, Byrdland and Johnny Smith. Features are those of the most respected archtops: after the late 60s laminated maple back, early 70s L-5s went back to two-piece solid maple back, hand carved, just like the spruce top, with a rounded cutaway. The neck is made of three pieces of flamed maple, the back of the headstock is painted black (of course), and the tuners are the classic Kluson 'Seal Fast'. The original finish is a '70s-typical 'pick-shaped' sunburst, and is in very fine condition, with a little checking, and some minor ding: The heavy country-style belt-buckle has left some scratch on the back, and the other signs of wear are on the sides of the neck, next to the perfect ebony fretboard, with original frets that have recently been polished. Pickups are the classic Patent # humbuckers, knobs are 'sombrero' style, and the ebony bridge has its base inlaid with pearl. Hardware gold-plating is very well conserved, and a little wear is shown only on the side of the tailpiece under player's arm. In other words, this is a 100% original guitar, which sound and plays perfectly. And, yes, it has its original black hardshell case. For many more detailed pictures, please close image window and click on the following links one at a time:
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