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sunburst. The Anniversary model was equipped until 1960 with a single FilterTron pickup, replaced later that year by a Hi-LoTron single coil unit. The guitar you see here is a late '59 model, since it has both Patent Applied For (PAF) FilterTron and rosewood fretboard (was ebony on the earliest 6124s). You know I never use the word MINT, but this guitar is in really exceptional++ conditions: gorgeous sunburst finish is very cean and shiny, only a few little scratches under the bridge base and on the back, never through the finish; chrome parts are in like-new conditions, "G-cutout" tailpiece, pickup cover, volume knob, oval-button Grover Sta-Tites. These tuners are one of the features that Anniversarys share with 6120s, along with internal "sound-post", the famous feedback-reducing bracing system. Perfect neck-set with neck-dowel, and intact binding. Typical Gretsch circuitry, with volume pot and an off-on-off tone selector switch.  Neo-classic fingerboard with thumbprint inlays. Space-roller bridge, but the wheels don't have the typical knurling and it has a two-feet rosewood base, which makes me doubt of the originality of this part: anyway, it works fine and is "in style" with the instrument. Soft jazz sound and gritty rockabilly bite if you need it! NO case, sorry, but it will be packed - as always - with the greatest possible care in a very solid double layer carton box. 
body1 - body2 - body3 - back - body back - headstock - paf1 - paf2 - det

Good news: we have just found an original space-roller bridge (see photo), so the guitar will be sold in 100% original condition!!