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GIBSON EB-2, 1968

sunburst, 100% original. Very beautiful and in exceptionally fine conditions. The only trace of wear is the sign of the right hand next to the pickup cover. The first owner was a well known italian bass player who bought it new in 1969, palyed it for a long time with love and respect, before selling it to the man who gave it to us. The original owner wrote his name and birth date inside of the f-hole, with the date of may '69 when probably he purchased the bass; unfortunately to do so he removed the orange oval label, but the serial number is clearly readable on the headstock and it classifies the instrument as a 1968. A very unusual feature for the times is the exceptionally flamed maple top! Really attractive and rare.... 
The EB-2 was the bass in the thinline serie (335, 345, 355), of which it shared the symmetrical double cutaway design and the semi-solid construction with a thin hollow body with a solid maple central block. Two controls, one humbucker pickup with metal cover, "baritone switch" to cut-off some frequencies. Bridge with typical-for-the-period nylon saddles, complete with its chrome cover. Original laminated pickguard, and all parts are correct and original. A beautiful instrument with a fantastic look, in great shape and with an excellent action and a great sound, a valid alternative to the Fender bass sound, thanks to the shorter scale and the semi-hollow body. The non-original case is very well made and perfectly fitting, since it was professioanlly custom-built for this particular instrument.

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