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Rare custom color, 100% original and in exceptionally fine condition. Finish shows only a little wear on the lower side, but it is all there, with no other dings or cracks. There is a very light checking on top (just a few lines beneath the bridge), and a little more on back. We purchased this guitar from the original owner, who had it for 35 years: it is absolutely 'uncirculated', and new to the vintage market. Large headstock, gold transition logo with some trace of wear. Checking on front and back of the headstock, perfect neck with a few worn spots, and beautiful rosewood fretboard in nice shape. Frets have been replaced by luthier Salvatore Mancuso in 1995, and are slightly larger than the originals but with a perfect feel. Untouched electronics, original solderings. Neck date reads Feb 66,  pickups are dated May 66 (5.11.66), and pots Feb. 66 (304 6608: eighth week of '66, Stackpole).  Original Kluson deluxe 'double-line' tuners. Bridge, Fender Pat. Pend. saddles, knobs, three-way selector switch, etc. EVERYTHING is original and untouched.  There is some rust on the bridge saddles and on two or three tuners.  The case is the classic export-style 'For Fender' always seen with instruments originally purchased here in Italy, and it is original and in perfect shape. Fiesta Red is a rare and very sought-after color, and I have never seen an example in this condition!

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