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FENDER JAGUAR Fiesta Red, 1966

one of the rarest and most sought-after custom colors in unbelievable conditions. Neck date: october 1966. Pot dates: 12th e 17th week of 1966. 100% original guitar! Original finish is in almost perfect shape both on body and headstock, unfaded, with a very light checking that doesn't show well in the pictures. No belt-buckle wear, just normal traces of 40 years of respectful use. The only flaw is a repositioned strap-button on the higher horn, just 2 millimeters away from the original position (see the picture). Perfect Fender logo, beautiful brazilian rosewood fretboard with white binding and block inlays. Original and untouched electronics. Both chrome and plastic parts are in great shape. Original "F" tuners, Fender vibrato with  original arm and mute-equipped bridge (mute rubber is worn, bridge cover is missing). 
A very precious guitar which appeals to the serious Fender collector, with a loud and aggressive sound that makes of it the best-sounding Jaguar Real Vintage has ever had... and it's the best looking as well!
Nice original hardshell case, black tolex with no-underline Fender logo, in great shape.

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