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FENDER STRATOCASTER, 1960 slab board

Sunburst. A very beautiful guitar, all original parts. It was originally an Olympic White but has been refinished at Fender's factory probably around '64 or '65. As is expected with a Fender factory refinish the guitar is stamped with 1/4 inch high letters, in this case "6356 SB" under the guard (barely seen in the "stamp" photo, very difficult to photograph because it's 'black on black'). Neck pocket has the correct factory stamp marks for a mid 1960's finish. However, the original neck pocket's olympic white can still be seen and is without a paintstick mark, as you'd expect from a 1962 or earlier vintage body. The two-piece alder body shows the deepest and longest back contour, typical of late 50s - early 60s Strats, which makes this guitar the lightest Stratocaster I have ever played.
The neck dates to late 1960 (10-60); pots date to very early 1961 (all three with "250K AUD 3046114"); serial number is 583xx. Original Kluson single lines, original 3-way switch, original green guard, original black-bottom pickups with original rubber spacers, all original electronics and plastic. Beautiful Brazilian slab- board, nice slight figure in the maple. Original frets, but I am not sure about the nut (maybe not original).
The flaws are the following: the pickguard has shrunk a bit and shows several cracks, but NO piece is missing; the metal shielding plate has a cut-off pointed end, probably because the hole in it wasn't matching anymore the shrunken pickguard hole: by cutting it, the owner was able to re-install the screw in a slightly more 'angled' way without being obstructed by the metal plate. The spaghetti logo is almost completely worn-off.
The lightest guitar on earth, this Strat sounds terrific.
It comes with the original brown-tolex hardshell case, in excellent plus condition.

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